Queen Mary in Long Beach, California

Homer & Marge imagined as wine bottles. Must. Have. NOW!!

Homer & Marge imagined as wine bottles. Must. Have. NOW!!


Jaw-Dropping Waterfalls Worth Chasing

Planet Earth has countless jaw-dropping landscapes, but of all its stunning scenery, waterfalls are the most impressive.

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Today’s roadtrip was exploring along HWY 33 and then a picnic lunch in Ojai. We drove up to around 4000 ft and stopped at the Rose Valley Campground. Apparently this is the mecca for 8 million tiny, warty, freakish frogs. Needless to say I was quite startled. The girls on the other hand couldn’t have been more thrilled. I had to use my best “Mom” voice when pushed as to how many frogs we could take home. Mom : 1 Kids : 0.
Our picnic lunch was at a small park in Ojai and then we walked 1.5 miles into town. Oh and it was 95 DEGREES. We poured our sweaty bodies into town just in time for ice cream hour and then had to walk back. Agonizing. 1.5 miles yet again in 95 degree heat. The girls complained in 6 different languages and despite their repeated threats, made it to the car perfectly alive.
All in all a great family summer Sunday.

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